Strategic Planning is a formalised, documented organisational management process used to analyse its current situation, set priorities, and to focus resources and energy to achieve and maintain an Organisation’s Competitive Advantage



With the advent of the Internet and Managment Information Systems (ie. computers, phones, and software), businesses have been able to transform from local mom & pop shops to International Household names.  In order to keep up with the compettion as a result of Internet Commercialisation, Companies are increasingly turning to Information Technology (IT) – or hardware, software, and telecommunications networks – to streamline services and boost performance.  As such, IT has become an essential feature in the Business landscape that has helped Companies cut costs, improve communication, build recognition, and release more innovative and attractive products


As Management Consultants, we help Organisations to Solve Issues, Create Value, Maximise Growth, and Improve Business Performance.

We use our business skills to provide Objective Advice and Expertise, and help Organisations develop any Specialist Skills that it may be lacking



International Business Research (IBR)


Cyber Security


Business Consultancy


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About Fortivus Strategy Consulting

Welcome to Fortivus Strategy Consulting Ltd. based in Stratford, London, UK

We are a team of Consultants with expertise in many areas to help you create the Business that you have been dreaming of.  One of the benefits of working with us is that you will be guided and helped every step of the way to ensure that you don’t make the mistakes that many new Business owners often make. 
Our years of experience in Real Estate, Wealth Management, Aviation, Business Management,
Application Submission, Preparing Feasibility Studies & Business Plans, Tax Consultancy, Offshore Bank Accounts and Businesses, Franchise Consultancy, Business Branding and Marketing will massively enhance the probability of achieving your Business Goals.

We take great pride in helping our Clients succeed in their Businesses, and a great testament to our work ethic and results is that most of our Client Base continue to come back to us for more Services, in addition to referring their friends and family to us.


At Fortivus Strategy Consulting, we offer the following Services to give our Clients everything from a Corporate Brand Image to enhance their proposition, and make them uniquely identifiable, by offering a Logo Design that will suit your Business Principles and Website Design, Hosting, and Social Media to give our Clients a Strong Online Presence.
This allows the Business to keep in touch with their audience in order to share information, promote their products, and provide the highest level of Customer Service.

Alongside this, we offer many other Services to help our Clients with their Business Efficiency and Productivity through basic Business Management Consultancy all the way through to the Cutting-Edge Advancements currently in Information Technology, which is Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Some of our Clients need an International reach to Import & Export Industrial Equipment, Machinery, and other Products.  We offer Global Sourcing, Offshore Services that includes Company Formation and Business Account opening guidance, and International Logistics Services.  An important area that we encourage our Clients to look into, is ensuring that their Company Data and their Clients’ Data is protected.  We offer Cyber Security and Data Protection Services to analyse your current system processes, and fill any gaps that we identify.


Our Aim is to work with as many Organisations as possible to reduce the wastage of Resources, encourage them to use Green Energy Products to protect our environment, increase efficiency by using improved Processes & Systems, or even by way of restructuring the Organisation, which leads to
Happy Staff, Satisfied Customers, and a Cleaner, Safer Environment.